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Many people think that options are limited in small towns, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn't expect the best when it comes to variety of products and quality of service. We pride ourselves on providing you with important resources for your farm and ranch at a fair price and efficient manner. At Texas Farm Store Leakey, we provide the best ranching and farming equipment and products available in the marker for all property sizes, and a mix of services to help make life easier. We also have a vast selection of various tools and hardware. We deliver everything we sell, and can special order anything you need that we don’t have in store! Here at TFS Leakey, we specialize in exotics, and exotic feed, as well as livestock such as cattle, horses, goats, and more!

If you feed them,
they’ll come


We carry feed & supplements for all classes of livestock, but also hoof stock as well! We know what you need for your exotic operation, and are happy to help.


We offer Protein & broadcast feeders in various sizes, as well as alfalfa bale feeders & cottonseed feeders.


All classes of livestock and wildlife feeds are available. Many options are found in store and we can acquire products via special order.

Water Troughs, Fencing, and more

We also offer a variety of galvanized water troughs in multiple sizes. We can order nearly any materials needed for fence building, including T-posts, gates, wire, panels, and hog panels.


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